Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Passover – Louisiana Style

I went to a traditional home-style down south Louisiana Passover Seder dinner tonight. Becky (the Law Clerk that introduced us to judge “D”) knew that I would be celebrating by myself so invited me to dinner with her friends and family. I’ve always heard of southern hospitality but never experienced it first hand. They truly treated me as family, even though I was a complete stranger. The family was wonderful, the food was great, and after dinner we discussed politics, the hurricane, and everything in between. I spoke to one family member who was living in a trailer since the hurricane since her house was flooded, spoke to another about the demographic issues that the hurricane raised, and to another family member about what the Hofstra 5 were doing in New Orleans. They were very proud to have us down here and just our presence alone seemed to be really uplifting. It was great to meet locals, eat with them, discuss issues, get their feelings and thoughts, and laugh with them. I’m glad I had a chance to get out of the tourist areas and see what real people here are like. Even though I was warned that the Seder might be more “loosey-goosey” than I was used to in New York, I quickly adapted to the different style. Becky’s warmth and kindness in bringing a random New Yorker into her family’s house is without bounds.


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