Friday, April 14, 2006

Things I didn't know about New Orleans - Addendum

1) Po Boys can be purchased at most eateries and have become the staple of my diet.
2) You can run for mayor on a campaign just to fix potholes.
3) Some potholes are so big; your entire car can fit into them.
4) Downed street lights are still lying on the street; broken windows have not been repaired, 8 months after the hurricane.
5) Some of the hardest hit areas are still “intact”; not rebuilt and not torn down and unfit for human habitation.
6) The level that “politics” plays in securing government posts and how it hampers the rebuilding effort.


Anonymous Yoni Zamir (Hofstra 3L) said...

Hey Hofstra 5, This sounds like its been a really memorable experience. I'm proud that you guys represented Hofstra down in the Big Easy. Well done.

8:23 PM  

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